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Mentoring – Is the mainstay of all CBM chapters’ activities; the initiative pairs youngsters with men in the organization who act as their confidante, comrade and supporter; often times these youth may not have any other positive male role models in their personal life.

Youth breakfasts/luncheons – Held quarterly to expose youth to dining out experiences, dining etiquette and socialization; the dining experience is heightened by inviting a guest speaker, typically someone of note, to bring an inspiring message and get youth seriously thinking about their future choices and endeavors.

Peer education seminars – Through a series of training sessions chosen youth will be used to instruct their peers in a wide array of areas including conflict resolution, dating and relationships, peer pressure, sex and drugs, decision-making, perceptions of HIV and AIDS, cultural and sexual identity, resources, intervention, communication and negotiation skills.

Amateur Athlete Union (AAU) Basketball Program – The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer, sports organizations in the United States. A multi-sport organization, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs.

Youth Appreciation Banquets – Held twice each year to recognize the achievements of youngsters in the fields of academic excellence, community service, the trades/performing arts; are part of CBM chapters’ traditional programming.

Cultural Field Trips – Are held throughout the year to expose youth to African-American history, the performing arts and sports; are intended to give them a well-rounded view of the world and their place in it as well as be entertaining.

Youth Summits – Held at least twice each year to ‘hear from the kids’ just how they feel their community should be growing and what needs and concerns they may have; results will be turned over to local government officials for review and possible implementation by them or the organization.

‘Gala by the Bay’ Scholarship Banquet – Held in May each year, it is the time when local high school students are awarded a scholarship from the chapter; this formal event has become a social highlight for the organization and the community.

College Fair and Tour – Are held in conjunction with the public school system each year to expose teens to higher education opportunities; universities and colleges, many from historically black institutions, are invited to give students an overview of their programs and amenities; at times an overnight or day trip to a university or college may be arranged for an on campus experience.

Thanksgiving Baskets – Given as annual gesture of goodwill to families in need at that special time of year.