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1. MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT UPON THE LIVES OF OUR YOUTH. Have you ever reacted to negative news about African American youth by saying “I wish I could do something to change this distressing news”? Become a CBM member and have a positive impact upon your community.

 2. BUILD YOUTH SELF-ESTEEM, CONFIDENCE & EXCELLENCE. With years of community service, CBM has a proven track record with such activities as its Youth Recognition Awards Banquet, College Tours, and other programs.

3. REVERSE THE TIDE OF BLACK-ON-BLACK VIOLENCE. Redirect the energies of the adolescent community through mentoring and volunteerism. Teach them that “men build institutions” and do not engage in self-destructive behavior.

4. DEFINE MANHOOD. We must have definitions of manhood which define our own reality. Your active participation in CBM helps to create a positive image of Black men.

 5. ADVANCE COMMUNITY AWARENESS & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. The work of CBM members in the community always attracts the attention of others and makes them aware of the need for social commitment.

6. VOLUNTEERS GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY. Your talents are solely needed; its time to share your skills with our youth. We no longer can depend on the next guy to do the job.

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